The Detroit Police Chief is Out of Touch

Two telling quotes from our Chief of Police in today’s Detroit News that lets the rest of us know where we stand and how we are viewed.
Resentment? We just want to be safe Chief Craig!
1. Detroit — With warm weather approaching — and in the wake of a recent stabbing of a man in Greektown — Detroit police officials plan to beef up patrols in the popular downtown neighborhood for the second consecutive year.
Police Chief James Craig said he realizes increasing officer presence in Greektown will likely prompt complaints from residents who believe police and city officials for years have cared more about making downtown safe than other neighborhoods — an allegation Craig disputes.
2. Craig said he didn’t hear as many complaints about downtown staffing — and allegations that police care more about suburban visitors — when he worked as a police officer in other cities. Craig was a longtime Los Angeles cop and served as police chief in Cincinnati and Portland, Maine.
“In Detroit, there’s a resentment by some, not all, residents toward the suburbs that I didn’t see as much in other cities,” he said.