Sela and Maya Disrupters Of The New Paradigm

As I watch the news. as I watch Prime Time Television and peruse Instagram I am shocked and appalled at the new paradigm I see of young African-American women. This new paradigm is not a positive one. I see a lot of scantly clad women that are really not speaking proper English. The first six minutes of the local news channels seldom show a positive image of young African-American women. It’s always the ones that are acting out displaying bad behavior that the news programs seem to highlight.

I have taught Sunday School for the last 15 years off and on and I’m always impressed when my former students come back from college to visit the class. This week two of my freshman women returned and told the class that they had pledged African American Sororities in their freshman year.

Sela Estil pledged Alpha Kappa Alpha st DePaul University. The pledge process for this Sorority is rigorous and often results in a lowering of the pledge’s GPA. Sela stayed on the deans list. She is a Communications Major at DePaul.

Maya Watts is a Physics Major at Michigan State University. Maya pledged the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority. Maya also made the deans list and will be doing an internship at Los Alamos National Laboratory this summer.

These young ladies are but two of the multitudes of young African American women breaking the paradigms being promoted on television and social media. We must do more to promote them and expose younger women to them so they two can break the paradigm.