Carmen Harlan?

I was at a meeting with some powerful friends of mine and they asked me what I thought about Carmen Harlan running for Mayor of the City of Detroit in 2021. I laughed at first and responded and said “you are kidding me” . Then I thought about it for a moment and whipped out the check boxes and it became no laughing matter.

  • Currently Lives In Detroit – ✔
  • Does Not Live In A Gated Community – ✔
  • Has Been a Victim of at Least one Larceny – ✔
  • Has Name ID Through The Roof – ✔
  • Has Access to Campaign Donors – ✔
  • Can Raise Two Million Dollars – ✔
  • Is not Beholden to the Current Administration – ✔
  • Can Relate To and Empathize With The People of The Multiple Detroits ✔
  • Is a Political Outsider ✔
  • Is a Woman ✔
  • Is African American ✔

If the Carmen Harlan 2021 rumor is indeed true it could spell serious trouble for Mayor Duggan. Facing off against a woman in 2021 would be hard enough. Running against an African American Female Detroit icon who is loved by the people and can match the Duggan fundraising might would be his toughest battle ever.

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