Detroit Is On A Dangerous Path

On July 11th 2019 the Detroit Board of Police Commissioners meeting devolved into chaos. The central issue of the meeting was the unapproved use of Facial Recognition Technology by the Detroit Police Department. District 5 Commissioner Willie Burton has been an outspoken critic of this practice. When he was recognized by Board Chair Lisa Carter, he spoke on the issue. As she tried to cut him off he refused and she had him removed in handcuffs by the Detroit Police. Starting at the 23:44 mark, the video below captures the entire incident and aftermath which includes locking the meeting attendees in the room.

Skip to 23:44 to see the removal of Commissioner Willie Burton

I have never seen such use of force at a meeting of elected officials in Detroit. The image of a White Police Officer handcuffing a Black Elected official is disturbing and unacceptable. African Americans used to run things around here and now we have an African American Chairwoman sicking White Police Officers on a Black Elected Official. Insane!

This is especially upsetting as we remember the Black DPD Officers protecting the White Nationalists as they marched down Detroit’s Jefferson Avenue.

Detroit’s leadership, from the White Mayor to the Black Elected Officials, is taking the City down a dangerous path. At some point the anger that is gripping the politically active residents of Detroit will spread to the less informed masses. Once that happens there will be no turning back. Now is the time for all of Detroit’s Elected officials to evaluate the direction the City is headed due to their actions and change course immediately.

Before it is too late. .