Steve Hood has been a political and community activisit for
over 20 years. During that 􀆟me he has helped over 150 individuals
attain elected office. This has given him a unique ability
to dis􀆟ll and disseminate the issues that are important to
Detroit and the rest of Michigan. Detroit Wants 2 Know was
created by Steve Hood to fill the void of a lack of repor􀆟ng on
the real issues facing Southeast Michigan. Though the audience
is comprised of predominantly African American Detroiters,
the topics are those that effect all of Michigan. The
show has covered topics as wide ranging as Governor
Snyder’s tax plan to a discussion with Congressman John Conyers
on the national Debt Ceiling debate. Steve Hood uses
his years of political involvement and activism to get to the
bottom of these issues.

Stephen F. Hood, usually addressed as Steve Hood is the son
of Nicholas Hood Sr. and Dr. Elizabeth F. Hood PhD
(deceased). Steve Hood has one brother Nicholas Hood III,
Pastor of Plymouth United Church of Christ. Born in Detroit
Steve a􀆩ended Roeper City and Country School un􀆟l the 8th
Grade. Steve graduated from Cass Technical High School and
went on to a􀆩end Emory University in Atlanta Georgia where
he earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Biology.
Upon graduation from college Steve Hood returned to Detroit
where he worked at Cyprian Center where he was a
mental health service provider of services to the Developmentally
Disabled population of Detroit. Cyprian Center Incorporated
was founded by Nicholas Hood Sr. and named in
honor of his daughter Sarah Cyprian Hood a lovely young lady
who suffered from Developmental Disability.


In 1995 Steve Hood formed Hood Informaton Technologies
(HIT). Utilizing a Geographic Informaton based election data
system he created; Steve Hood was able to deliver hyper accurate
voter information to all candidates. This led to Steve
to provide data to over one hundred campaigns between the
years of 1986 and 2003. The campaigns ranged from local to
Presidential and clients included such luminaries as Jeffery
Fieger, Mike Duggan, Robert Ficano and Al Gore. In 1998 Steve
founded Ronin America to provide political consul􀆟ng
above and beyond political data.