Carmen Harlan?

I was at a meeting with some powerful friends of mine and they asked me what I thought about Carmen Harlan running for Mayor of the City of Detroit in 2021. I laughed at first and responded and said “you are kidding me” . Then I thought about it for a moment and whipped out the check boxes and it became no laughing matter.

  • Currently Lives In Detroit – ✔
  • Does Not Live In A Gated Community – ✔
  • Has Been a Victim of at Least one Larceny – ✔
  • Has Name ID Through The Roof – ✔
  • Has Access to Campaign Donors – ✔
  • Can Raise Two Million Dollars – ✔
  • Is not Beholden to the Current Administration – ✔
  • Can Relate To and Empathize With The People of The Multiple Detroits ✔
  • Is a Political Outsider ✔
  • Is a Woman ✔
  • Is African American ✔

If the Carmen Harlan 2021 rumor is indeed true it could spell serious trouble for Mayor Duggan. Facing off against a woman in 2021 would be hard enough. Running against an African American Female Detroit icon who is loved by the people and can match the Duggan fundraising might would be his toughest battle ever.

An 80% African American City with a White Mayor and people are allowed to march yelling White Power? Oh hell no.

I just had the chance to watch the POV video posted to YouTube by one of the Neo Nazi Marchers of the groups’s march down Jefferson Avenue during the Pride Fest at Hart Plaza. It is a very disturbing video to watch under any circumstances.

White Power With DPD Protection

But, it cuts even more when you realize that the Detroit’s Police Chief who is African American did not seek approval from the Detroit City Council and allowed them to march. It is equally as bad that the Detroit City Council nor the Mayor did not admonish the Chief for not doing so.

I get the whole Right to Free Speech argument but I doubt that Bing, Cockrel Kilpatrick, Archer or Young would have allowed the Neo_Nazis to march down Jefferson Avenue screaming “White Power”. We now have a White mayor and this was allowed to take place. Detroit is nearly an 80% African American City and this cannot be allowed. This video in the right hands can imperil Mayor Duggan’s reelection bid and it is all the fault of his Deputy Mayor/Chief of Police who allowed this to happen.

Mayor Duggan has done an amazing job bringing the City back from Bankruptcy. The greater downtown area is teaming with activity. The only place where he gets low marks is for crime and quality of life in some neighborhoods. In order to fix that he must hold Chief Craig accountable. An 80% African American City with a White Mayor and people are allowed to march yelling White Power? Oh hell no.

Mayor Duggan & Chief Craig Protect Neo Nazis While Leaving Us To Fend For Ourselves.

All the while claiming that crime is down and that they do not have enough Officers to patrol Detroit’s neighborhoods, Mayor Duggan and Chief Craig found enough officers to protect Neo-Nazis as they marched down Jefferson Avenue During the PRIDE festival.

I spoke with Council President Jones, Council President Pro-Tem Sheffield and Council Member Spivey and they confirmed that nobody pulled a permit for the march and Council was not notified of it in advance. Duggan and Criag obviously had advance knowledge of the march because they had the police out in force to protect the marchers. But protect them from who? The LGBTQ Community? Nope, the 80% of Detroit who would have dealt with them severely.

So process this if you will. The Mayor who is White and his Police Chief Knew about the Nazi march and did not inform the City Council or the public. So they protected white nationalists while they won’t protect their own 80% Black City. That is a horrible narrative.

So Why is The Old White Guy More Popular Among African American Voters Than Either of the Two African American Candidates?

US Vice President Joe Biden clenches his fist as he speaks to a U.S. Australian business roundtable in Sydney, Australia, Monday, July 18, 2016. Biden is in Australia for four days as part of a tour of the Pacific.(AP Photo/Rob Griffith)

The Washington Post reports that in recent polls, Candidates Biden and Sanders, two old White guys, are thumping the African American Candidates Harris and Booker among Non-White voters. The Post states: Polls from  Quinnipiac said Biden had 42 percent support among nonwhite Democrats. CNN put his nonwhite support at 50 percent. Biden’s closest competitor among Democratic and Democratic-leaning voters of all races, Sanders, won 14 percent of the nonwhite vote in the CNN poll and 7 percent in Quinnipiac. Sens. Cory Booker (D-N.J.) and Kamala D. Harris (D-Calif.) each earned less than 10 percent of the nonwhite vote in these polls. The Hill/HarrisX and Harvard-Harris both have Biden leading Sanders by over 30 points with African American voters.

So why is this? The principal reason for this is that they lack a message that can ignite, inspire and unite. President Obama had “Yes We Can” . It was simple and made you want to make America a better place. These two cant seem to figure lout what their message is.

Biden and Sanders are also known quantities. People are still getting to know Harris and Booker.The Election is in 539 Days but the Democratic Convention is July 13 2020. Time is running short for these two. The best messaging will lay out the fight for the soul of America. And reestablish America as the shining light of Democracy throughout the world instead of the laughing stock that it has become under President Trump.

Once they finally come up with a message they need to get it out. Of course they will use Television, Radio and Social Media. But, they will get no real traction until they mimic President Obama’s ground campaign. People spread his message of hope person to person and via text messages among fronds not from some robo text company. Senator Harris, should she actually come up with a cohesive message is the one candidate best positioned to duplicate the success of President Obama’s Ground Game. She is a member of the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority which has over 300,000 active members. If she can develop a message the at resonates with this formidable ground army she could turn the tide.

It is early in the Presidential cycle. Both Harris and Booker still have a chance to win. However, with their lack of effective messaging their chances fade day by day.

Sela and Maya Disrupters Of The New Paradigm

As I watch the news. as I watch Prime Time Television and peruse Instagram I am shocked and appalled at the new paradigm I see of young African-American women. This new paradigm is not a positive one. I see a lot of scantly clad women that are really not speaking proper English. The first six minutes of the local news channels seldom show a positive image of young African-American women. It’s always the ones that are acting out displaying bad behavior that the news programs seem to highlight.

I have taught Sunday School for the last 15 years off and on and I’m always impressed when my former students come back from college to visit the class. This week two of my freshman women returned and told the class that they had pledged African American Sororities in their freshman year.

Sela Estil pledged Alpha Kappa Alpha st DePaul University. The pledge process for this Sorority is rigorous and often results in a lowering of the pledge’s GPA. Sela stayed on the deans list. She is a Communications Major at DePaul.

Maya Watts is a Physics Major at Michigan State University. Maya pledged the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority. Maya also made the deans list and will be doing an internship at Los Alamos National Laboratory this summer.

These young ladies are but two of the multitudes of young African American women breaking the paradigms being promoted on television and social media. We must do more to promote them and expose younger women to them so they two can break the paradigm.

Craig Tarnished Duggan’s Great Week

The land acquisition for the new FCA Plant on Mack and Connor in addition to the required accompanying Community Benefits Agreement are virtually complete. Google’s Waymo Autonomous Vehicle Company has decided to locate in Detroit instead of Wixom. That’s 5,400 new jobs in Detroit in 2019 and its only April. Mayor Duggan should be jumping up and down for joy and all the media outlets should be lauding him. Instead he is mired in muck that didn’t have to happen.

First he had to listen to the findings of an Audit of Detroit’s 6th Police Precinct.

The audit was the result of an investigation into two white former officers who were reportedly  taunting a black motorist on social media whose vehicle had been towed.

Former officers Steele and Garrison , both of whom worked for years at the precinct, were fired for their alleged roles in the video, which showed a Jan. 29 traffic stop.

As a result of the audit:

  • Four command officers were “addressed” after they “were determined not to be sufficiently effective in addressing the environmental problems in the 6th Precinct,” a department press release said.
  • A new captain and two sergeants were added to the precinct “to address diversity concerns and facilitate change in the culture,” the release said.
  • A cultural diversity training program is being implemented for all employees at the precinct, civilian and uniformed.
  • “Peer review training” is being ordered for officers who had been trained by Steele and Garrison.

So the White Mayor of an 80% Black City had to stand up at a press conference and say: “The treatment of 23-year-old Ariel Moore was something that was deeply disturbing to everyone,”
“Detroit police officers are sworn to protect our citizens, and it was sickening to watch Ms. Moore walking home in the cold while being mocked with racial comments,” . “It’s just not acceptable.”

“The treatment of 23-year-old Ariel Moore was something that was deeply disturbing to everyone,”
“Detroit police officers are sworn to protect our citizens, and it was sickening to watch Ms. Moore walking home in the cold while being mocked with racial comments,” . “It’s just not acceptable.”

The sad thing is that it didn’t have to happen. Chief Craig created the Committee on Race and Equality (C.O.R.E.) within the Detroit Police Department years ago. The mission of C.O.R.E. was to investigate and out and expose perceptions of hate within the Department’s rank and file that were based on factors such as race, gender, and sexual orientation. A report was issued by this committee and the Chief chose to ignore it instead of acting on the recommendations.

Duggan’s great week was overshadowed by Chief Craig’s failure to act on racial problems within the DPD when he became aware of them. This is especially glaring due to the fact that Chief Craig is African American. Further compounding this problem is the fact that Mayor Duggan is White. Mayor Duggan should take this week into serious consideration while he ponder’s Chief Craig’s contract renewal .

The Detroit Police Chief is Out of Touch

Two telling quotes from our Chief of Police in today’s Detroit News that lets the rest of us know where we stand and how we are viewed.
Resentment? We just want to be safe Chief Craig!
1. Detroit — With warm weather approaching — and in the wake of a recent stabbing of a man in Greektown — Detroit police officials plan to beef up patrols in the popular downtown neighborhood for the second consecutive year.
Police Chief James Craig said he realizes increasing officer presence in Greektown will likely prompt complaints from residents who believe police and city officials for years have cared more about making downtown safe than other neighborhoods — an allegation Craig disputes.
2. Craig said he didn’t hear as many complaints about downtown staffing — and allegations that police care more about suburban visitors — when he worked as a police officer in other cities. Craig was a longtime Los Angeles cop and served as police chief in Cincinnati and Portland, Maine.
“In Detroit, there’s a resentment by some, not all, residents toward the suburbs that I didn’t see as much in other cities,” he said.

Paradise Valley?

How do we have a Paradise Valley District without African American Clubs? So on the way home from the Pistons Game I drove through the Paradise Valley development district. It was surreal seeing this once vibrant African American entertainment district dark an empty. Centre Park, Gone, Seafood Market Gone, PV Lounge Gone. It was especially disturbing after navigating a sea of Caucasians throughout Downtown and watching TV Lounge get choked out by the post game traffic routing. I hope the chosen “African American” ( not ready to call them, fronts yet) Developers bring back this entertainment district soon.


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